Research Report

CXO Insights on Patient Experience Challenges


Our firm recently interviewed eleven chief experience officers from eleven healthcare providers from across the United States.  Each interview addressed the scope of their patient experience efforts, as well as key priorities, challenges and untapped opportunities.

This report summarizes the following key findings and offers recommendations for addressing them:

  1. PX Approaches Vary Widely Across Healthcare Providers
  2. Patient Experience Priorities Also Vary Greatly Across Providers
  3. Staffing Issues Are Currently the Top Patient Experience Challenge
  4. Staff Engagement is Essential for PX But Rarely Fully Integrated
  5. PX Administrative Tasks Are Adding to the Burden on Front Line Staff
  6. Providers Are Shifting Focus to Simpler PX Measurement & Execution
  7. Some Providers Are Empowering Staff to Humanize & Personalize Care
  8. Commitment to PX Improvement Varies Across Healthcare Providers
Research Report

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